Children's Bicycle Selection Guide 1

Into the spring of March, and hold back a winter parents and children are on the long-lost outdoor activities reported with great enthusiasm. The children are most keen on the outdoor activities - cycling naturally hot hot.

Girl riding a bike

The main reason for the popularity of children's bicycles is such a few points:

(1) riding children's bike is outdoor activities, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, the natural growth and development of children has an unparalleled effect, than advertising calcium supplement zinc supplement iron, in order to allow children to eat the first to take medicine , Plenty of outdoor activities is actually a child happy growth of the best recipe.

(2) exercise is the child's nature, and cycling can promote children's movement, the ability to balance the full development, the earlier riding a bike, the development of children's sports talent more favorable. The smallest children's bike (12 inch) can start at the time of the child's 20 months or even earlier. As long as the child's head enough, then let him (her) began to ride, the baby's ability than you know the big. His (her) learning ability often makes you very surprised. My child 20 months to start riding 12-inch bike, just feet can be pedal, grandparents are worried, but only a week later, he can single-handed ride, but also in the kitchen and living room back and forth shuttle, the mother To the "garbage" to the trash.

(3) riding a bike in addition to simple skills, but also help to cultivate the child's brave and confident character, and communication and collaboration skills. Many of the earliest social events originated from the car for someone else's car, or an informal children's cycling race.

(4) riding a bike is a once learned to never forget the ability, but also a lifetime to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Remember that my father of a good childhood partner once said that a person must learn the two sports one is riding a bike, the other is swimming. Until now, I still think that his words are true.

So, have not purchased children's bike's parents, how to buy children's bike? First pass a few pictures greedy greedy everyone, and listen to the next decomposition.

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