How to pick 12' children's bike

When buying children's bicycles, parents often look at the colorful design, entirely by their own preferences to pick. But in fact, the purchase of children's bike, the most important thing is to judge from the perspective of the use of the baby. What is the standard of a good child bike?


Riding a bike with a flywheel drive, forward pedal forward, backward pedal, the car does not move, no flywheel stroller back pedal, the car back.Riding is light, which, parents have no way to try to ride, but there can be some simple way to judge. For example, you can ask the salesman, the axle of the car is the use of metal bearings or plastic parts, the front of the car to install the fork part of the use of plastic parts (can be easily identified), the wheels of the wheel is used, Inflated or plastic foam. Judgment criteria is relatively simple, that is, the use of plastic parts, the transmission effect will be worse than the metal, riding and steering is not flexible and light.

Plastic parts of the material is clearance, you can observe the color and feel to judge. Bright color bright, transparent sense of strong, feel warm material is good. Plastic parts if the material is not bright with the back material, and in the winter when the temperature is low, it is easy to break. Summer for a long time sun, will soon be aging fade, crisp crack.Annex reasonable, domestic children's bicycles, often well-equipped, before and after the mud board, toolbox, car basket and so on. In fact, now children are mostly only children, in the rain and mud in the possibility of riding almost zero, if there are sharp edges or protrusions, but there are security risks, in my opinion, it is a redundant parts The And the toolbox on the child to get off is a hindrance, the little boys are practicing only from the front dig up and down, in fact, is not a child riding parts. The car is actually out of the car can be installed something, but it will make the direction of the handlegain sink (riding a vegetable to buy all know), if put some water bottles and the like can roll back things, but also affect the turn. Another baby where to go out, not someone when the bodyguards, car put the probability of how high it So these attachments, mostly from the parents of the aesthetic point of view greatly appreciated, not it can not, and the actual baby on the ride, then the burden is more. This may also be Europe and the United States children's bicycles no such attachment reasons for it So the general 12-inch and 16-inch bike recommended not to install too many attachments, in fact, only parents look good, the children ride is actually strenuous. 20-inch car, the child is relatively large, but also the strength and skills to control the car, the opportunity to go out more independent, should be considered equipped with rear hanger and front car blue, with the front and rear mud board, no longer need auxiliary wheel, but should be equipped with feet support.

Tire to clear pattern, inner tube is better, otherwise the parents have a good way to exercise the body, every time the baby to ride, you began to exercise, give the car cheer. Finally, every way to go there to repair the car there.

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In short, the car is to ride to the baby, you choose to squat body, from his point of view to consider buying a beautiful and safe and practical children's bike