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2016 transformation balance bike

2016 transformation balance bike balance bike for kids china supplier balance bike newest model

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Our Certifications

Our Certifications-Hebei Zhengda Bicycle Co., Ltd.

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How to pick 12' children's bike

When buying children's bicycles, parents often look at the colorful design, entirely by their own preferences to pick. But in fact, the purchase of children's bike, the most important thing is to judge from the perspective of the use of the baby. What is the standard of a good child bike?

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Children's Bicycle Selection Guide 1

Into the spring of March, and hold back a winter parents and children are on the long-lost outdoor activities reported with great enthusiasm. The children are most keen on the outdoor activities - cycling naturally hot hot.

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Children Bicycle Installation Guide

In the online purchase of children's bicycles, new cars are often carton packaging, the need for a simple installation, the following European and American children's bike to the general situation to tell you about. Before installing the children's bike, please read the instructions carried by the car, the following content is for reference only:

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